Serbian women basketball players in the game for the third place in Rio defeated France with score 70:63

Serbian Women basketball players won bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. Girls chosen by Marina Maljkovic have one more time achieved a huge success after they won European Championship in Budapest last year. In the game for the third place Serbia has defeated France with score 70:63 (18:10, 9:17, 28:15, 15:21).

Serbian women basketball players have shown brilliant game in all 40 minutes, just as the Head coach announced that they should do to win. Even in the first quarter they have reached double-digit advantage, than was annulled in the second part by French players. . Although, at the half time our players managed to present united front and in the third quarter they reached again double-digit advantage, that they managed to preserve in the last ten minutes owing to patient and calm game.

Jelena Milovanovic was the most valuable player in the winner team as she had 18 goals. Ana Dabovic added 11, and Sonja Petrovic and Danielle Page 10 each. Page had eight rebounds, and Milovanovic had seven, while Ana Davobic registered five assistances. Milcia Dabovic, the captain, also contributed, as she has , including well played defense, scored nine points. Several crucial moves and points by Tamara Radocja and Sasa Cadjo should be pointed out. In French team Miyem scored 18 points and Ayayi 10.

Serbia has in its first appearance at the Olympic women’s basketball tournament reached medal, and it has been the first that won medals in both categories along with the United States of America. Spain will also have opportunity for double celebration, as it is going to play for bronze medal in men’s category with Australia.

– Do you understand that we have won bronze medal at the Olympic games in women’s basketball. We have exceptional athletes, it is not necessary to talk about them. Bronze medal in women’s basketball for our country, this is miracle. Great happiness great joy. I said to the girls lot of things at the half time. For the first time in my life, in my career. It had to break it, they had to throw it out of themselves, to win this difficult game – said the head coach Marina Maljkovic.

– Incredible feeling. I am so proud of these girls. We have left our hearts on the court, we are going to celebrate and support our athletes to be even more successful today. Thank you very much. – said Sasa Cadjo

– Our dream started in Budapest and it has continued here in Rio. I am very happy. I am very glad that we have managed to return after that semifinal game and to show the unity and gameness that has been our characteristic for so many years . I am very glad that we managed to sing in one more page of history and that we won bronze Olympic medal. Our emotions are mixed. I am delighted. The key of the victory was the moment when we managed to block their rebound. We had some easy points and that gave us the advantage. We fought in defense, played for each other and thus achieved this result. Well, it turned out that we do not have to play with the United States of America, but for the bronze again with France. We have shown that we are fantastic. I would like to thank to our fans for being with us all these years, motivated us and believed in us. We love them very much and see them soon. Now we are going to support our water polo players, women volleyball team, basketball players and MIlica Mandic. We are here together and I hope that we will celebrate this success with other athletes in Belgrade – said Tamara Radocaj.

– This is unbelievable. I am so proud to be in this team. Our girls played very bravely today and I am glad I took part in all this. I would like to thank to all supporters from Serbia . We would not be able to achieve this without their help. We love our fans in Serbia and we feel their love – said Danielle Page.

Our Men National Basketball Team is palying final game with the United Staes of America on Sunday at 20:45.

FRANCE – SERBIA 63:70 (10:18, 17:9, 15:28, 21:15).

FRANCE: Yacoubou 7, Myem 18, Gruda 6, Michel 5, Ayayi 10, Skrela 4, Ciak, Johannes 3, Bouderra 3, Kamba 2, Epoupa 3 , Amant 2

SERBIA: Radocaj 7, Petrovic 10, Cadjo 5, Krnjic, Jovanovic, milovanovic 18, Butulija, Crvendakic, Stankovic , M. dabovic 9, A. Dabovic 11, page 10.