Basketball Federation of Serbia thanks to each of 7,000 people who came on Saturday to the sport center “Pionir”, and filled it up , because they have shown how much Serbian citizens respect and support the European queens. Such attendance was the biggest on that day in the whole Europe , and probably in history, at least the recent, of qualifications. Considering the fact that this number of spectators has not been registered in the final games of the European championship for years, not to say for decades back reveals how much Serbia loves its heroines.

We also would like to thank to the coaches and professors who brought their pupils all over Serbia , Belgrade and Republic of Srpska . Also, we would like to express our gratitude to media, who covered this even as they announced this game and gave their contribution to this magnificent Saturday evening. We hope that those small number of media who considered that football match Real – Barcelona deserved four times larger space in their newspapers than European champions , will realize their mistake and that in future they will join the others.

We want to enable whole Serbia to see our champions! Because of that the game with Ukraine will be played in Nis, and , we shall send request to FIBA to play game with Luxembourg somewhere outside Belgrade.