In the semifinal of the Olympic Games Spain – Serbia 68:54

Women’s Basketball National Team of Serbia is going to play a game for bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Rio on Saturday. Marina Maljkovic’s girls lost in the semifinal game from the national team of Spain with 68:54 (20:9, 13:19, 20:10, 15:16).

Our women basketball players did not manage to enter into their recognizable rhythm in this game. Enormous desire to make their success in Rio even bigger and qualify into final, did not come true in the end. Serbian team had its good moments in the second and in the last quarter , but the first and third part , in which offense did not function as it should, decided. All in all , they in some moments managed to counteract to Spain players in defense , but in the offence it was not as it should be , and only six players registered into the shooter list. The shooting, one of the strongest weapons in our team, simply did not function. Beside that Spain players adjusted better to referee criteria, and in the end they have secured a trip to final, but final difference does not show the real balance of two these two teams.

The shooting percentage in our team was only 31 (21- 67). The only three point field goals out of 12 team attempts were Sasa Cadjo’s goals. Spain players were much better in rebounds (44-31), and they had much more free throws than Serbian players (29-12). Our team showed great gameness in this game also which was evident in bigger number of stolen balls than in rival team ( 10-4).

Sasa Cadjo and Sonja Petrovic were the most valuable players, 12 points each, in Serbian national team. Jelena Milovanovic and Danielle Page also had double-digit scores, 10 points each . Sonja Petrovic and Danielle Page had also seven rebounds. In the national team of Spain among the best were Alba Torrens and Astou Ndour with 14 points each .Double-double was achieved by Laura Nicholls with 13 points and 12 rebounds , and Silvia Dominguez also double-digit score with 10 points.

The game for bronze medal is scheduled for Saturday at 16.30, while the final game is scheduled four hours later.

Marina Maljkovic

– We have achieved huge miracle against Australia and after that I warned them of Spain. We can talk about tonight’s game in many segments, for example that the shooting percentage was against us, and it there was not a single player in our team that had her day, compared to the players in the other team . They have again been better in shooting, They had 29 free throws, and we had 12. We could not get used to so aggressive game played by Spain, the team that is twice aggressive than American national team that is the best here. Spain deserves to be congratulated, and we have to gather ourselves and do something that is not too difficult, to try and use the opportunity to win the medal. Spain entered the game with bigger experience and they have built the advantage cool headed. We did not do that today. This is a lesson for the game that we are to play for bronze medal, in which we have to play hard from the fist to the last minute.

Dajana Butulija
– It wasn’t our day. You have seen that we wanted…. We all know that this is big success , but when you come here , it hurts of course when there is threat to lose a medal that is probably certain. As it is known, we always take thorny road and it will be sweetly if we win in the game for the third place and obtain bronze medal. We shall do our best since we are crazy Serbians.

SPAIN- SERBIA 68:54 (20:9, 13:19, 20:10, 15:16)

SPAIN: Romero, Nicholls 13, Dominguez 10, Torrens14, Palau 5, Xsargay 6, Rodriguez, Pascua, Cruz 6, Quevedo, Gil, Ndour.

SERBIA: Radocaj, petrovic 12, Cadjo 12, Krnjic, Jovanovic 2, Milovanovic 10, Butulija, Crvendakic, Stankovic , M. Dabovic , A. Dabovic 8 , Page 10

Full statistics of this game can be seen on the link

Photo: FIBA