European Champions defeated Luxembourg with the score 132:38 in the second round of the qualifications for EuroBasket 2017.

Women basketball players of Serbia achieved the second victory in the EuroBasket 2017 qualifications . They utterly triumphed over Luxembourg, as a guest, with the score 132:38 (25:9, 34:10, 35:6, 38:13)

The girls selected by Marina Maljkovic went to Luxembourg without Dabovic sisters and Dajana Butulija, and the girls who had less minutes in the game in the previous period had chance to play more.

Sonja Petrovic was the best on the basketball court and she ended the game with 28 points and four assistances. Jelena Milovanovic had 18 points and six rebounds and Aleksandra Crvendakic also scored 18 points and had five rebounds . Ms Maljkovic can be happy with the fact that all Serbian players were registered in the score list and all of them had two digit in terms of the time played in the game .

The Three-point field goal was very good this time , since current European championship had 15 scores out of 38 attempts.

– Again I asked girls to make it a hundred, but the advantage of 100 points. At the end they made several errors and we did not manage to reach that score. We knew that the rival was not difficult and I did not want to be sloppy. 11 players gave their best . The fact that makes me happy is that the girls have again shown basketball maturity, that I talked last week. They played until the last minute on very serious level and that is not easy at all in the game when you have the 50-60 points advantage. Also I would like to thank to all our people who came to the game , and there were about hundred of them and they kept on cheering us. Even the official presenter was our man, and from time to time he would shout “ Serbia “ and supported us.- said Serbian head coach Marina Maljkovic
Serbia will continue qualification games for EuroBasket 2017 in February when we will be guests in Germany and Ukraine.

Luxembourg – Serbia 38:132 ( 25:9, 34:10, 35:6, 38:13)

Luxembourg:Meyandier 7 p, Mossong 7p, Hetting 7p, Schmit 2p, Schreiner 6p, Diederich, Geniets , Jabalnowski 2p, Orban 2p, Bruck 2 p, Petrova 2p, Marcus 1p

Serbia: Radocaj 4p, petrovic 28p, Cadjo 10p, Krnjic 11p, Jovanovic 7 p 5 steals , Milovanovic 18 p 6 rebounds , Ajdukovic 11p, Topuzovic 10p, Page 9p, Mandic 6p