In the quarter final game in Rio Australia – Serbia 71:73

The “Queens “ are in the semifinal of the Olympic games in Rio and on Thursday they will play with the national team of Spain. Women Basketball players of Serbia have won for the third time in a row at the Olympic tournament. The girls chosen by Marina Maljkovic have in the quarter final game defeated Australia with 73:71 (20:20, 15:17,16:15 and 22:19) and have qualified into the semi final . Great success of the European champions is the result of their extraordinary gameness , quality and calm team game as well as excellent tactical preparation.

During the game neither national team managed to achieve a significant advantage. At the beginning of the second half Australia had advantage 48:39, but Serbian Women basketball players in the greater part of the game had advantage and with their calm and patient offense ,as well as firm defense in uncertain finish, managed to triumph and reach semifinal.

The evidence of exceptional defense played by Marina Maljkovic’s girls is the fact that they have made Australian girls to lose even 26 balls. The shooting percentage was slightly worse than in the game with Senegal, but it was sufficient for a triumph.

In the brilliant game, particularly in defense, Ana Dabovic with 24 points was outstanding. Jelena Milovanovic added 17 points, and Sonja Pertrovic added 13 points with five assistance and four rebounds. Liz Cambage with 29 points and 11 rebonds dominated in the Australian team. Penny Taylor with only 2 points did not meet the expectation and Jarry scored 14 points.

Serbian women basketball players on Thursday ( August 18) play semifinal game with Spain that has in the second quarter final defeated national team of Turkey ( Spain Turkey 64:62).

Marina Maljkovic

– I congratulate to my girls as they have completed the task. We have played as real team both in defense and offence. We have thought about each offense, no one made any deviations and we managed to endure this struggle till the last minute. All teams at this tournament played equally three quarters with Australia , and then in the last quarter they lost owing to huge experience of Australia. I have told to the players that each quarter has to be a separate game for us today and that it is the only way to win. You have seen what happened and in what moments we won. After this triumph we cannot stop. We shall keep going. !

Ana Dabovic

– We are real team and without contribution of all players we cannot win. Before each championship and before each game we believe in impossible. I am very, very happy because of this victory, because we have defeated the second team in the world. My first desire is to play the game on Thursday on my birthday has been fulfilled. I hope that the girls will help me to fulfill my second birthday wish, to win in the final game- said Ana Dabovic.

AUSTRALIA – SERBIA 71:73 (20:20, 17;15 15:16 and 19:22)

AUSTRALIA: Lavey, Mitchell 10, Talbot, Taylor 2, Cambage 29, Burton 2, Jarry 14, Hodges, Ebzery, Phillips 10, Tolo 4, George.

SERBIA: Radocaj 4,petrovic 13, Cadjo 2, Krnjic, Jovanovic 2, Milovanovic 17, Buitulija, Crvendakic, Stankovic 6, M. Dabovic , A. Dabovic 24, Page 5

Full statistics of this game can be seen on the link|tab=boxscore_statistics

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Phot : FIBA