The women’s players selected by Marina Maljkovic have brought the highest success in the history of Serbian Women’s basketball.

The women’s players of Serbia won gold medal on the EuroBasket held in Hungary They have defeated France with the score 76:68 in the final game. This is the biggest success in the history of Women’s basketball , and at the same time Serbia headed to Rio for Olympic Games.

Ana Dabovic is the most valuable player of the tournament , while Sonja Petrovic has been elected in the best five players of the Championship .

France has owing to good shots gained the advantage 9:3 but Serbian women players have, from the very beginning , entered in their recognizable offense rhythm, which enabled them faster and more qualitative play in the offense. Serbia opened the game with two three points shots – Page and Milovanovic, as the approach to the French basket was closed. The firm paly in the racquet enabled French team advantage 15:8 in the fifth minute of the game, when the Head coach Marljkovic required time out. Milica Dabovic immediately reacts with the third three point shot for Serbian team, and then Sonja Petrovic, who, after forward, brought our team into draw. But in the very ending French players manages to make a new series of points 7: 0 and end the first quarter with the advantage 22:15.

The second part Serbia starts with the three point field goals gained by Sonja Petrovic, and being fouled after this forward she gained two free point plays contributing to our team’s series of 5:0. As the result of the firm Serbia defense, French players gain the first play points only after two minutes. Sonja Petrovic dominated at the beginning of the second quarter. She played with the French defense and by that moment she was the most effective player in both teams with 9 goals. In the next period of the game French players manages to establish their rhythm and again have the advantage of seven points 35:25 in the 17th minute. But time out called by Marina Maljkovic was effective and a new series of goals made by Serbian women players started. First Ana Dabovic from the free throw line, then Sonja Petrovic, again Danielle Page from free throw line, and Dajana Butulija for the first Serbia advantage 33:32 in the last minute of the first half. This was the result at the end of the second quieter.

Serbian team did not manage to score a point from the game at the beginning of the second half , but Ana Dabovic and Jelena Milovanovic were precise form the free throw line and after that Sonja Petrovic with her 13th point obtained advantage for Serbia 39:36. This was followed with strong support from the audience , almost 1000 funs of the Serbian national team, so our girls reached up to +5 ( 43:38) in the 24th minute of the game when the French Head coach Valerie Garnier called time out. This did not help them. Serbia continued with its firm game and in the following offense Sonja Petrovic gained goal for the highest +7 advantage until then. French players did not manage for a long time to gain a point from a game, until Tchatchouang’s three point field goals, in the last minute of the quarter ,while Sandrine Gruda gained point from the impossible position along with the sirens sound and the result was 51:49 for Serbia. Milica Dabovic , the team captain, did not play in the third quarter, as she appeared on the bench with the bandage on her right hand after the first half.

In the third minute of the last quarter there was flagrant foul on Nevena Jovanovic who successfully scored two points in free throws, and then Ana Dabovic was precise from the field and the score was 57:51. Isabelle Yacoubou and Celine Dumerc scored eight points for French Team and , in the 34th minute , the result was 61:59 for Serbia. Ana Dabovic entered into her rhythm and after free throw it was her 19th point that brought Serbia Advantage with the score 64:59, and the three point field goal scored by Sonja Petrovic resulted in the best advantage of +8 points 5 minutes before end of the game. But after the time out French team made serial of points 5 : 0 and Marina Maljkovic called time out. Owing to master move made by Ana Dabovic Serbia gains advantage of 71:64, and after another extraordinary action by Ana Dabovic and Jelena Milovanovic, Danielle Page scored goal and the result was 73:64 for Serbia. Serbia enters into the last minute of the game with the result 75:66 after Ana Dabovic’s foul. Finally, in a organized play Serbia ended this game with big celebration.