The team selected by Marina Maljkovic triumphed with the score 74:72 and secured a medal.

Serbian Women Basketball National Team has reached EuroBasket Women 2015 final in Budapest.

Selelcted team has won in the extremely uncertain semi-final game against Belorussia with the result 74:72 ( 18:18, 18:20, 23:19, 15:15). Serbia will, on Sunday at 19h, play for the title of the best team on the Old Continent.

The most valuable player in the winning team was Ana Dabovic with 21 point. Sonja Petrovic and Jelena Milovanovic scored 14 points, while the team captain , Milica Dabovic contributed with 12 points. In the defeated team the best player was Yelena Leuchanka with 22 points.

Serbian team begun the game with usual starting five players – the Dabovic sisters , Dajana Butulija, Jelena Milovanovic and Danielle Page . Our national team started with five points in a row scored by Jelena Milovanovic in the first minute , and then came Milica Dabovic with 4 and Dajana Butulija , the most effective player in this part, with seven points. Serbian team reached the largest advantage when it was 13:7 , but in the last minute , Belorussia reached the first advantage after the free throws by Yelena Leuchanka, who gained 8 points in the first quarter. At the end of the first period the score was 18:18 .

Belorussia continued to play through its center , but Serbia has, owing to its firm defense and jump skills , managed to be a step ahead. Such a game provides a new advantage shown in the score 30:25 at the half of the second quarter, after stolen ball and tenth point obtained by the captain Milica Dabovic. However , after time out and several doubtful decisions made by the referees , Belorussia gains nine points in a row and achieves advantage of plus four three minutes before the end of the first half of the match, and in the end of this period the score was 38:36 for Belorussia.

In the second half Belorussia’s team started with two three point field goals in a row and achieves the highest advantage of +6 in 21st minute, and after another three point field goal scored by Lindsey Harding in 25th minute the advantage was +7 for Belorussia . However in the next offense Jelena Milovanovic returns in the same manner. In the next three minutes Serbia has managed to gain points owing to its extremely firm defense and thus led to draw 53:53 and the coach Anatoli Buyalski called time out. But this did not help Belorussia to make serious step ahead. Serbia again played firmly, and Ana Dabovic scored 16 points , so at the end of the third quarter the score was 59:57 for Serbia.
Serbia continued to play pressing in the last quarter and the score in was 6:2. But , each time Serbian players started the serial of shots , the women players in the Belorussia team found ways to make a point from impossible positions in the last seconds of the offense. It was like that until the draw :69 at 2:40 minutes before the end, when Ana Dabovic scored three goals in a row . In uncertain ending the women players selected by Marina Maljkovic have shown bigger desire, firm character and better readiness and they deserved to be in the finals.

Serbian Head coach emphasized that this was great success , not only for Women’s Basketball in Serbia but also for Serbian sport in general.

– This is real shock. I think that we all have lived these 40 minutes of this game. Our hearts was on the court, but in some situations, the head was not there. Finally, the heart is much more important than the head. This is incredible result. The girls are not yet aware of their success, neither am I. Now we can show emotions. This is amazing result both for women’s basketball and Serbian sport. It is wonderful to gather all generations, enable everyone to be proud and animate more girls. This generation has deserved considering the effort and work. We will celebrate what we have done for women’s basketball and for women’s sport in Serbia.“– said Marina Maljkovic, the Head coach.

SERBIA: Radocaj, Petrovic 14, Cadjo,Krnjic, Jovanovic, Milovanovic 14, Butulija, 9, Ajdukovic, tTopuzovic, M.Dabovic 12, A. Dabovic 21, Page 4

BELORUSSIA: Papova 7, Kudrashova, Snytsina 11, Rytsikova,Likhtarovich 11, Ziuzkova 5, Verameyenka 4, Leuchanka 22, Harding 10, Troina, Trafimava, 2, Ivashchanka