Women Basketball players , champions of Europe, made big step on European championship in Chez Republic.

Serbian women basketball players registered third victory in the qualifications for EuroBasket 2017 in Chez Republic, as they defeated Germany with 78: 66.
Girls selected by Marina Maljkovic definitely decided the game in the last quarter, and the best among the European champion were Ana Dabovic with 21 points, Sasa Cadjo with 18 points ( six three field points) and Daniel Page with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Among German women basketball players Margaret Skuballa with 15 points and Agnieszka Fikiel with 14 pints nad seven rebounds were the best.

Serbia was slightly better in the beginning of the game and in the first six minutes it has advantage, but the German players managed to return into the game and to reduce the score and were just one point behind. In the second quarter , Serbia waited two and half minutes to score the first goals and that was three filed point scored by Sasa Cadjo. She also was precise for three point goal , and after that Daniel Page scored another nad that was the serial of +9 points for Serbia. Our basketball players managed to keep the advantage , until the last 3 minutes and 11 seconds when the German basketball players scored the serial of 14:4 and they ended the first half with two points advantage.

European Champions started the second half as it was expected , they scored 11:1 in a row , and all started with Ana Dabovic with 8 points in a row, and the girls selected by Marina Maljkovic had 49:41. Tough Geramn players did not give up and one minute before the end of the quarter they leveled the score 51:51. But , owing to the three point field goal scored by Tamara Radocaj , Serbia enters the last 10 minutes of the game with the advanteage of three points.

After three and half minutes of the leveled game in the last quarter , at the advantage of 62:60 Serbia started to make the difference. First Daaniel Page scored from the lay up , and after that Sasa Cadjo scored three point field goal for +7. As the game was coming to an end , it was obvious that German players will not have strength to return to the game for the fourth time , and then came brilliant Daniel Page.

– Very difficult game, just as we expected. There were no surprises. Concentration and desire among our players were on top level and that decided the game. In such atmosphere it impossible to win without concentration. This time the girls have completely fulfilled their task , not like in case with Ukraine. We do not want to thing any more about the situations and game s as it was the one with Ukraine. The lesson that we have to learn from this action in February , for the Olympic games as the most important competition ahead us , is that if we play , as we did against Ukraine, any national team can defeat us. We have to be stronger despite problems. In every moment we must know how to solve the situation in our favor and to work more and more. We have clearly seen on this two guest games what we did not see in November, how big motive we are for our opponents. We should learn lessons , we should work more, we should behave as champions in every moment, both during the practice and game , as well as beyond the court and that is the only right way- said the Head Coach of the Serbian national team , Marina Maljkovic.

Serbia is now on the second place in group D behind Ukraine that has all four victories . Qualifications for Eurobasket 2017 are ending in November this year, when Serbia plays with Luxembourg in Belgrade and with Ukraine in the sport center “ Chair” in Nis.

Germany-Serbia 66:78 (20:21, 20:17, 11:16,15:24)

Germany: Amojo, Mersch, 6, Skuballa 15, Thimm, Dzirma 1, Wagner , Fikiel 14 ( 7reb) , Greunke 7, Greinacher 11, Brunckhorst 5, Brodersen, Bear 7.

Serbia: Radocaj 3, Petrovic 8 ( 6 reb) , Cadjo 18 ( 8-6 for three field points) Jovanovic, Milovanovic, 6 ( 6 reb, 7ass) , Butulija, Ajdukovic 4, M. Dabovic, A.Dabovic 21 ( 4 ass) , Page 17 (10-7 for two field points, 11 reb, 4ass) , Pesovic 1, Crvendakic.