Women Basketball National Team of Serbia defeated Germany in the first game of qualification for EuroBasket Women 2017, with the score 100:57 ( 23-17, 25-12, 28-18, 24-10 ) in the crowded sport hall “Pionir”

European Champions carried with the magnificent atmosphere, in front of more than 6, 500 people, were persuasive on their first presentation to the Serbian public since their triumph at the EuroBasket Women held in Hungary and Romania. At the beginning Serbia has a serial of 7-0, and this determined the course of the whole game in which our players did not lapse for a minute.

Fantastic game was presented by Jelena Milovanovic with 24 points, Sonja Petrovic and Ana Dabovic with 17 points each, as well as Danielle Page with 11 points and five rebounds . In the defeated team Sonja Greinacher .

The Head coach of German national team Bastian Wernthaler said after the game that this was real proportion of the power between two rivals.

– First of all I would like to congratulate Serbia, they have deserved this victory. We , in Germany, want to build women’s basketball program and we shall continue with it. It has been great honor to play in such atmosphere against current European champions. I think that we were too frightened in the offense today , we could play more aggressively, , but I suppose that this has shown the levels of both teams – said Wernthaler.


Milica Dabovica, tha captain of our team, who played only 14 minutes owing to her hand injury , devoted this game to Dajana Butulija , who is recovering after the surgery.

– I am very happy to have so many funs here, my heart is full. I want to devote this game to Dajana Butulija who under certain circumstance is not with us , but she feels well and she will join us on the Olympic games. She supported us with her heart. Marina has prepared us for this game so we entered it with concentration . We continued our series of victories, Germany was strong and difficult opponent. We did our best to justify the status we have as European Champions and I am very happy because of that, and happy as the captain said Ms. Dabovic.

Marina Maljkovic , head coach was extremely satisfied with the magnificent attendance and atmosphere.

– I am very grateful that you have arrived in such great number. This is historical event for women’s basketball , this number of spectators, I do not know how many people has been here , actually. I made a bet with the girls , and they did not dare even to think that they are going to play in the full sport hall “ PIonir” . And of course I was right. As far as the game is concerned , we have, above all, played as we were in a trance. This explains our ups and downs in our game. I have to approve our three point shot, we scored 14 three shot field goals our of 27 tries, and that means 51,9%. We had large number of assistances 25. We , also had 23 turnovers , which means that our defense was on the expected level for the national team of Serbia, very aggressive with enormous pressure on the ball. I am not happy with rebounds . We are the champions of Europe and we must not lose battle in rebound . We managed to stop their best players, we reduced Romy Bar to n four points . We did good job in this game. Now we are going to Luxembourg to continue this November action- said Ms. Maljkovic.

Serbia plays second game in Luxembourg, on Wednesday , 25 November 2015 at 19.00.

Serbia – Germany, 100-57 (23-17, 25-12, 28-18, 24-10)

Serbia: Radocaj 5 p 6 a, Petrovic 17p, Cadjo 8p, Krnjic 1p, Jovanovic 8p, Milovanovic 24p, Ajdukovic , Topuzovic 2p. M. Dabovic 2p, A.Dabovic 17p, 6 a, Page 11p 5a, Crvendakic 5p.

Germany: Mersch 8p , Skuballa 2p, Thimm 2p, Koop, Dzirma 3p, Wagner 4p, Fikiel 12p 9r, Greunke, Greinacher 16p 5 r, Gaudermann, Brunckhorst 6p, Bär 4p 4a.