Historical success of the Serbian basketball players! Players chosen by Aleksandar Djordjevic have demolished Australia with the score 87:61 (16:5, 19:9, 31:24, 21:23) in the semifinal game of the Olympic Games in Rio and they are playing with the national team of America for gold on Sunday at 20.45.

Serbia has played fantastic defense from the beginning, the advantage grew in each minute and the rival scored only five points in the first quarter, and in the second part only ten, so at the half time the score was 35:14 for our team.

In the third quarter – it was the same. Our players had full control over the basketball court, their play was calm, wise and organized, so that Australians were not give a single chance to make a threat or to catch up with our team. In the course of the second half we had the advantage of 20 points up to one point. All of our players scored – Teodosic, Raduljica, Markovic, Macvan, Bogdanovic…. It would be too much to describe each score change in this game , since our players , headed with coaching staff , deserve all merits , as they owing to their fantastic play , made this semifinal of the Olympic games completely uninteresting.

SERBIA – AUSTRALIA 87:61 (16:5, 19:9, 31:24, 21:23)

SERBIA: Teodosic 22, Simonovic, Bogdanovic 6, Markovic 14, Kalinic 6, Nedovic 1, Bircevic, rAduljica 11, Jokic 9, Stimac 4, Jovic 2, Macvan 12.

AUSTRALIA: Goulding, Mills 13, Bogut 4, Ingles 12, Dellavedova 3, Broekhoff 6, Bairstow, Lisch 3, Baynes 7, Andersen, Motum 13, Martin.

Full statistics of this game can be seen on the link

Aleksandar Djordjevic

– We have deserved to qualify into finals, I am peaceful after all because I love these boys, I love this country, I live this game shirt and I will enjoy in a medal whichever it is. …. We have prepared well for the game, the boys played with their hearts and they did everything we talked about, we have stopped their best player Bogut, from whom everything starts and ends. They did not have a single “backdoor” pass in the first half time, they scored 14 points …. If your team in semifinal game of the Olympic games scores so many points in a half time than you know that the played defense was real defense and I am overwhelmed because of that……

Milos Teodosic

– Never mind how much I believed in this team, I did not believe that we can play so well. We have shown our character and what we have been talking all these years, that team spirit is something special…. The victory is brilliant, the game was exceptional. To stop Australia on 14 points in half time is unbelievable. In first game they scored 95. Why there should be no euphoria? It is no mean achievement to play in the final of the Olympic games. We have shown that we are terrific in team sports water polo, volleyball. We are sad that women basketball players lost, but people in Serbia should be proud with any participant at this Olympic games . it will be hard in the final game with the USA. We are going to play our game and we are going to do our best and we shall see whether it will be enough for huge sensation.

Nikola Jokic

– Fantastic game with a team that defeated us in the group. We have all played for each other. I would like to thank to my team mates, coaching staff and all those who were awake. Each game we start relaxed, because we know that we are going to tear and die for each other. Now, what the score will be in the final game with America you cannot tell. Maybe they will win, maybe we will win….