Head coach Marina Maljkovic sent a letter to the President of the Basketball federation of Serbia in which she accepts the offer to remain the Head coach of Women Basketball National Team in next four years.

We publish the letter fully.


Dear Mr. President , Vice –president for Women basketball, members of the Board and commission for Women basketball,

After we have won gold medal on the European championship , which is the biggest success in the history of women basketball in Serbia, and enormous emotional and physical discharging , I needed a period in which I contemplated whether I would be able to continue to manage women basketball national team of Serbia.

I am a person who requires maximum both from players and associates , and I asked myself whether I was able to give the best to Serbia in future .

The winning of the gold medal has imposed new standards. Ambitions we have hidden deep inside ourselves now have come to the surface and can not be suppressed .It is obvious that public will require to continue this series of trophies in future competitions. Can we do that ?

The situation in women basketball in Serbia is not perfect. Would I , in case I withdraw from the position of the Head coach, have opportunity to fight for progress in basketball , better conditions , for more girls on the basketball courts? Would my withdrawal bring sadness to the players, associates, other coaches in Serbia and small group of people that supports women basketball?

I had lot of questions , and the answer was very simply. All for Serbia . Serbia does not beg, Serbia does not have to ask for anything from us. Honor , responsibility, duty , emotion and love. This is what I feel for my home country , and I will always give everything for it. I am greatly honored to have the opportunity to represent my Serbia on big competitions. Such kind of additional motivation and desire   can not be offered by any other job.

I am sure that I did not say everything I had and that I did not do everything in our basketball and for our basketball. Organized welcome in front of the City Assembly is obligatory for me like a law , and that law contrary to professional logic says – you must stay @ This is the law of heart! This law does not exist on paper , but it moves the world. So I love basketball, I adore my country.


On this occasion I would like to inform you that I accept to sign the contract I have been offered by Mr. Djilas at the end of August , this year.

Also, I would like to   direct   the first third of my annual salary according to the new contract that Federation is to pay me, as soon as possible , to the bank accounts of 12 clubs of the first Women state league . Just a small stimulant for further work from the European champions’ head coach.

I continue with my struggle for our basketball interest and progress. I will do my best to help the development of the women basketball in all segments and to overcome any obstacle that might be on that way. I will personally activate more in the promotion of women basketball in Serbia . I will work on project that will stimulate girls to go in for sport. One is in preparation phase and will introduce primary school girls into the world of Basketball.

There are big expectations . Qualification for European Championship, as well as Olympic Tournament in Rio, that will be the strongest than ever. The curriculum is , as you know, already prepared and ready for implementation. I can not promise good results and medals on big competitions, but only hard work , huge commitment and great desire to bring joy to our nation. To try and prove that gold medal won in Budapest is not just flash , but part of one vision and scheduled work of all people engaged in women basketball in Serbia.

Sincerely yours,

Marina Maljkovic