Women’s European Champions have gone to Zlatibor on their first part preparation for the Olympic games in Rio

Women’s basketball national team of Serbia has gone to Zlatibor, where they officially start with their preparations for Olympic games in Rio. Marina Maljkovic , a Head coach , will dispose with 15 players, and Ana Dabovic and Sonja Petrovic, who play in Women’s NBA league , will join them after they return from Zlatibor

– I ma looking forward to going to Zlatibor, because we will have certain peace there. We have the best sport conditions there , from food to practice schedule. It is very serious treatment that we do not want to change. We have already contributed to our preparation with this additional week and we managed to eliminate certain disadvantages. Upon our return from Zlatibor we are playing very hard tournament against Senegal and Turkey in Belgrade sport hall “ Ranko Zeravica” and I expect Ana and Sonja to join us at those games- said Serbian Head Coach Marina Maljkovic.

Serbia will, for the first time as independent country , play at the Olympic basketball tournament, and the last time we had representative at the Games 28 years ago, when we won a medal.

– This is the biggest challenge, since 2011 when I was appointed as a Head coach. Fist of all the preparation program planning, specific conditions of our basketball players who are not in strong competition.. It makes this situation pretty difficult. 15 girls that we take to Zlatibor does not have a club. Compared to France , Spain or Turkey only two our players, Sonja Petrovic and Danielle Page have experience in Euro league., not to count the United States or China that are completely different story. – says Marina Maljkovic

Despite to the problems our team is facing , the head coach emphasizes that she believes in each player and in hard work that each of them will do in the course of the demanding preparations.

– I believe in each player. I am sure that if they unite that they can make a miracle for this country and their nation. If they show combativeness , if they play as a team , with incredible dose of adrenaline and desire, I believe that we can make good results and that is what I believe in every moment.- concluded Marina Maljkovic.

5 players has set on a trip : Milica Dabovic, Tamara Radocaj, Sasa Cadjo, Sara Krnjic, Nevena Jovanovic, Jelena Milovanovic, Dajana Butulija, Tijana Ajdukovic, Danielle Page , Sanja Mandic, Dragan Stankovic, Maja Skoric, Sanja Orozovic, Aleksandra Stanacev and Biljana Stjepanovic. Our team will stay at Zlatibor till July 19, and after their return to Belgrade, they will continue with their preparations until they departure for Rio.