Basketball Federation of Serbia has, today, replied to the letter sent by ABA league Managing board as following :

“ Dear Sirs,

The letter you have sent to the Basketball Federation of Serbia is more than unintelligible. . At first I thought it is because of the language . With great effort I have translated your letter into Serbian , and then I realized that it is unintelligible due to high degree of nonsense and effrontery contained in it.

KSS has withdrawn the support to ABA league as the Agreement that we all , both clubs and federations, signed a year ago. I am sure that with a little bit of effort you find a series of articles and sentences from the text that we have mutually sent to FIBA , but violated by your decisions.

As far as financial indemnity is concerned for the sponsors your will lose, I have to admit that I do not how can you lose something you did not have. And you gentlemen did not have any sponsor for your league and you finance yourself by huge funds that TV Arena pays for right to broadcast ABA League games.

We neither want or can prevent clubs from Serbia to participate in the competition they want to . This competition for you does not exist and we kindly ask you not to address nay letters to Basketball Federation of Serbia , particularly not with the threats , about which we will officially inform the competent bodies in the Republic of Serbia “- is written in the letter signed by the President of KSS , Dragan Djilas.