Marvelous welcome organized for Serbian Women Basketball Players in Belgrade.

More than 10,000 people organized marvelous welcome for Women Basketball Players in front of the Belgrade Assembly Building day after Serbian Basketball WNT won European championship held in Hungary. On Sunday evening players selected by Marina Maljkovic won gold medal on the European Championship held in Budapest after they had defeated France with 76:68, and thus achieved the biggest success in the history of Women’s Basketball in our country . Beside the title of European champions, national team of Serbia secured direct participation on the   Olympics that is to be held in Rio de Janerio next year.

Earlier during the day our women basketball players, accompanied by Coaching Staff, set off from Budapest , and after their arrival to Belgrade they drove through the capital in the open bus. Finally, when the time came , they entered the City Assembly building , put on their crowns and stated to appear on the famous balcony.

They appeared in the following order: Tamara Radocaj, Sonja Petrovic, Sasa Cadjo, Sara Krnjic, Nevena Jovanovic, Jelena Milovanovic, Dajana Butulija , Tijana Ajdukovic , Kristina Topuzovic, Danielle Page, Ana Dabovic and Milica Dabovic, and finally Head coach Marina Maljkovic.

The funs had particularly welcomed the Dabovic sisters, and they sang to Ana: MVP, MVP,MVP” and to Milica : “Milica, Milica, you brought the Cup, Milica”.

Along with about ten thousand funs , women basketball players sang national anthem “ Boze pravde” , and then they expressed their gratitude to all those who have supported them on their path of great success.

-Good evening Belgrade. Good evening, my beautiful Serbia. We have only one wish , god save these girls , as well as you and your families, with desire to meet you here , on the same place, soon” , said head coach.

One of the heroines of this triumph in Budapest was Sonja Petrovic , who has after six years, as long as she had problems with injuries, returned to our national team.

-You receive as much as you give. We left our hearts on the court , and with this amazing welcome our dreams came true . Thank you my Belgrade, thank you Serbia- were the words Sonja Petrovic said from the balcony.

Danielle Page said “ I love you Serbia “ , and after that microphone was sent to our most experienced player in our team , to Jelena Milovanovic.

-Thank you for being here for us, this would not be possible without your support from the first to last day. Thank you very much. – were Jelena’s words as she addressed the funs.

Ana Dabovic, first addressed the funs and she announced new meeting in front of the City Assembly Building.

-Good evening Belgrade, Serbia. Thank you for this event. I want to thank you and say hello to Belgrade, Serbia and my Herceg Novi and to tell you that we are going to meet here next year. – said Ana.

Finally Milica got the microphone and after that she sang a   song “ Good day” , the song that they cheered themselves before each game during   the European Championship. At the end there was fireworks for the marvellous end of this incredible Belgrade night.

-I do not like to talk, but I can say that I am the proudest   captain in the world in this moment , and the best says Ana. Thank you for supporting us , thank you for everything. – said Milica.

Serbian women Baskteball players   won in Budapest the first gold medal on the European championship in the history of our country, nor since we have  competed under Serbian flag, but generally.