“ Before and After Rio – History” exhibition that represents retrospective of our basketball national teams appearance at the Olympic games has been opened today in Knez Mihailova Street in the presence of the Basketball Federation of Serbia and Olympic Committee of Serbia officials, our former basketball national players , as well as European Champion, whole current women’s basketball national team of Serbia that will play in Rio.

The exhibition is chronological photo display of our basketball, women and men, at the Olympic tournaments with the topic units devoted to legendary coaches, officials and referees that participated at the Games. The exhibition includes also written evidence on successes, such as the notes from the famous games and cover pages of daily papers. As a crown of the whole story, the exhibition has been rounded with pedestals with the photographs of the current passengers for Rio, women and men national teams, Women European Champions and World Vice Champions, who will with their strength and heart defend the colours of our country at the Serbia’s first historical participation at the Olympic Games.

The author of the exhibition Nina Spasojevic Radojevic, well-known journalist, pointed out her satisfaction that the project like this has been realized , since our basketball has reasons to be proud.

During the ceremony a book “ Point by point 2” by Vlada Stankovic ,an eminent basketball journalist and chronicler, dealing exclusively with the Olympic topic, has been promoted. This is a part of trilogy , as the first part was about the appearance at the European championships , while the third part will be devoted to the World Championships.

The exhibition is opened until August 7th, when our Women Basketball National Team is to play the first game against Spain at the Olympic Games.